June Exercise Challenge

19 Jun

The exercise challenge this month comes from http://www.bodyrock.tv/2010/11/19/550-rep-fat-massacre/ Bodyrocktv it’s the 550 Rep Fat Massacre. My best time so far was 21 min. 24 sec. it really, really hurt good. Let me know your best time on them. The website has a tutorial on how to do each move but here are the exercises:

Backward Lunge Kick ups 25 ea.
Walkover pushups 50
Mountain Climber 50
Sumo Squats Knee ups 50
One leg bridge 25 ea.
Side to side squat and leg lift 50
One arm triceps pushup 25 ea.
Star Crunch 50
Diagonal touchdown
25 ea.
Side plank lift 25 ea.
One leg wall sit 25 ea.


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