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The Dukan Oatbran/Protein Pancake or Flat Bread

19 Feb


2 C. oatbran (Can use gluten free)

2 C. fat-free plain greek yogurt

6 Tbsp. splenda or sweeten to taste with stevia

2 C. egg whites

In bowl put oatbran and sweetener together and blend with fork, add yogurt and blend. In separate bowl put egg whites and beat until stiff and foamy then add to oatbran mixture until well incorporated. Use non-stick skillet and heat over medium heat, use 1/3 c.measuring device and scoop oatbran mixture and place in skillet and cook just like pancake. I make up the whole big batch let them cool, place in ziplock bag and refrigerate or freeze.

This is a base that can be used in a variety of ways for breakfast I serve with Brumel and Brown yogurt spread or Parkay 0 calorie butter spray and sugar-free low calorie maple syrup or if you’re on the cruise phase you can serve with sugar-free jam and fat-free redi-whip topping.

For lunch time options I’ve used it as a base for pizza crust, I put a little tomato sauce, Italian seasoning, then top with some mushrooms, peppers, grilled chicken and fat free cheese. I’ve also used a a base for a tuna melt, I make up a can of tuna with a little fat-free plain yogurt mixed with a little fat-free cottage cheese, some mustard and chopped up dill pickle, pile on top of flat bread top with fat free cheese and toast in oven. There is the obvious sandwich with spicy brown mustard, lean lunchmeat and fat free cheese (can also used seasoned fat free cream cheese spread), and a dill pickle, fold sandwich in half and feast.

Have also used it to make a taco-styled pizza: saute an onion with two pounds of lean ground turkey meat, season with taco seasoning then pile on top of flat bread, top with fat free cheese and microwave 20 seconds until cheese starts to soften, then add some lettuce, pico de gyo (chopped white onion, tomato, cilantro), squeeze a lime wedge over that, layer with a little fat-free sour cream and this sauce (fat free Ranch mixed with tobasco or taco sauce) — save leftovers for assembling lunch or dinner later in the week, so good.– Sis. Campbell